Simply Rebekah

Frugal, Green & Life In Between

About December 18, 2009

About Rebekah:

I grew up in the standard small town USA.  In college I studied Communications, Video and Theater.  While in college I met the love of my life, Nate.  A year after graduation we got married.  Our beautiful daughter Grace was born in September 2009.

Now I am a stay-at-home mom.  I love it, but I don’t feel like that is all that defines me.  I love the arts and I’m always trying to find outlets for my creative energy.  Once I took one picture every day for an entire year.  I have traveled the world doing missionary work, living with host families and seeing amazing sites.  I am a tree hugger at heart and I’m always looking for a great frugal find!  I am obsessed with the library, reality TV and chocolate.  When I find a great tip I end up telling anyone that will listen, which brings me to this blog!

About Simply Rebekah:

I am truly addicted to passing along tips and other things that I think are fabulous.  It might be a great website that I found, an amazing photographer, something crazy like Once A Month Cooking  or how to get things for free!  Now that I’m not working outside the home, I can’t bug my coworkers with all these things.  So now I blog about it!

I also write about some of the ups and downs of parenthood.  I try to pass on anything helpful that I have managed to learn along the way.  Mostly, I pass along anything that catches my eye in the moment.  However, there are some subjects that you can expect to see again and again… 

Faking It Well:  My belief is that simplicity can be impressive!  We all want to knock the socks off our special dinner guests, girlfriends or mother-in-law.  I love finding recipes that can do just that, but aren’t a pain in the butt to pull off!  No one needs to know how easy it is when you are faking it well.  🙂

A Documentary Worth A Watch: I love to watch movies and one of my favorite genres is documentary films.  Documentaries today are much more interesting than those old war films we used to watch in history class!  People often ask me for documentary suggestions so from time to time I post mini reviews of some of my favorites.  All of the documentaries that I write about can be found on Netflix.  Check your local library for these titles also because I found many of them there as well as on Netflix.

Simply put, this blog is simply me.  Simply Rebekah.


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